Why Get Local?

Small businesses deliver top-quality products and services that are differentiated from those offered by big chains. Consumers seek out local restaurants for delicious food made with local ingredients. They look to local artisans for handcrafted goods that are made to last. They want coaching and consultation from people who understand their goals and will deliver personalized attention; from people they can call when they have a question or problem.

When consumers buy from local businesses, they return money to their community. Everyone who lives there is rewarded by that investment, and it's made a better place to live. When politicans say that small businesses are the lifeblood of communities, that's why.

  Differentiated products and services.
  More prosperous commmunities.

Consumers value these benefits, especially the first one. But, both inspire loyalty. New Hampshire residents want to support small business. The challenge is, how can we connect consumer intent with the local businesses that will satisfy their demand?

Get Local is a search engine for small businesses in New Hampshire.

What Problems Does Get Local Solve?

Large businesses have scale. They can dominate advertising and web presence. A chain restaurant can justify an advertising budget in the millions of dollars because it has sometimes-thousands of locations to benefit from its advertising spend. McDonald's has over 10,000 restaurants in the U.S. with more than 50 locations in New Hampshire alone.

Get Local Gives Reach to Small Businesses

A small business may have one or two locations. It can't justify millions in ad spend, because the investment would return only a small fraction of that money to the business. In other words, small businesses can't achieve market reach equal to their large competitors, so consumers who would find a local business a good fit for their need may not know the business exists. It makes sense. Big ad budgets create a lot of brand awareness.

Get Local closes the advertising gap. As a search engine for small businesses in New Hampshire, it connects consumer intent with the local businesses that can fulfill it. It eliminates the noise that millions of dollars in advertising buys and makes local businesses easier to find. That's good for consumers, because they get less of what they're willing accept and more of what they really want.

Coronavirus aka COVID-19

A lot of small businesses are closed or are keeping unusual business hours. Those that have remained open are learning to meet consumer demand in new ways. Beyond the obvious negative financial impact to businesses, these changes have also introduced barriers to consumers. Customers don't know what local businesses are open. They don't know when local businesses are open. Even if they know that a local business is open, they don't know how to purchase products and services from the business, because that's also changed.

Businesses that create listings to Get Local are open. They're listing their business hours. They're letting people know about the products and services they can deliver and how consumers can get them. Business on Get Local eliminate consumer friction. This is at a time when consumers really want to support their local businesses.

Why Add Your Business to Get Local?

Get Local is new, really new. There aren't a lot of businesses on it...yet. But, you should add your business to Get Local. Here's why.

In tech, there's a term called network effects. When one New Hampshire business is on Get Local, it's not that useful to consumers or businesses. When many businesses are on Get Local, it attracts new consumers, because many businesses are here to fulfill their needs. That attracts even more businesses to Get Local for providing access to more consumer demand. With more businesses on Get Local, still more consumers turn to it to because the businesses here meet even more needs. In turn, that attracts more businesses to satisfy those needs, again bringing more customers to the businesses on Get Local. You get the idea.

When you add your business to Get Local, you create value for your customers and your fellow business owners. As more businesses add themselves to Get Local, they create value for your business and your customers. Network effects are self-reinforcing. Everyone wins. On Get Local, all the benefits go to small businesses and the consumers who support them.

Get Local Is Free!

Get Local is free to small and local businesses in New Hampshire. It's free to the consumers who search for the products and services they offer. Large corporations and multinationals won't be on Get Local. That's not our niche. Their reach isn't the problem we're trying to solve. Google already does that well, and they already have network effects. Get Local will stay local.

Get Local Has Awesome Features

We'd be remiss if we didn't toot our own horn a bit. Get Local provides consumers and businesses with a lot of great features, and more are on the way!

  Every business on Get Local gets its own landing page with a sharable URL.
  Customers can chat with a business's Facebook page directly on its landing page using Facebook Messenger.
  Businesses can provide customers with multiple ways to connect with them, all within reach of a button click: phone, web, social media, etc.
  Get Local provides multiple calls-to-action, so customers won't need to search for ways to contact a business. They'll see it and press a button.
  Businesses can keep their customers in the know. They can display their menu and even an image gallery.
  Customers will always know when a business is open, because it's easy for Get Local businesses to keep their hours up-to-date without paying their web developer.
  Customers can see what ammenities a business offers. Whether curbside pickup, takeout, or online appointments and classes, consumers will have more flexibility and more reasons to buy.
  Customers like to buy gift cards for friends and family. Businesses can link directly to their purchase page.
  Businesses get user support. Seriously.

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